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I have a business with a partner and we both have young families. We wanted to make sure that if anything happens to either of us, the business would continue with limited effect to our cash flows and without any negative impact on our families. advised us well on how to plan, for business continuity and family welfare. I recommend them regularly to my associates and friends.

-- Mark C., Business Professional

My girlfriend had an experience where she collected $250,000 when she had a heart attack at the age of 52. And I saw first hand how costs pile up (especially specialized medications) the money allowed her to focus on recovery, which took about a year. She was under no pressure to get back to work and this is the reason why I decided to get my own insurance. I think it is invaluable because more and more people are getting sick.

-- Rick B. , Self Employed

I am self employed and do lots of travelling. I have a family of 4 and bills to pay. I was worried that if got ill, where will the money come from? I believe in preventive planning. I found great in terms of advising me of what was best for me and family.

-- Jason O. , Self employed, Courier service

I heard about it and thought it was a good idea to protect myself and my family. I found very well informed. I took it so that if I was unable to work or something bad happened I will have some money coming in. I can go to sleep at night with a good feeling knowing I have given myself some security.

-- Dawn P. , Single Mom

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